BARROS Bass Guitar – Black , Blue & Red

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The Barros 5-string bass guitar is a high-quality instrument designed for students & professional musicians.
Construction: The body of the bass guitar is crafted from high-grade woods like mahogany, ash, or maple, ensuring durability and resonance. The neck is made from maple or mahogany for stability and sustain.

Scale Length: The scale length of the Barros 5-string bass guitar is typically longer than that of a standard 4-string bass, providing extra tension and clarity to the low B string.
Fretboard: The fretboard is made from rosewood, maple, or ebony, providing a smooth playing surface for the fingers. It’s adorned with fret markers for easy navigation.
Pickups: The bass guitar is equipped with high-quality pickups, a combination of single-coil and humbuckers, offering a versatile range of tones suitable for various musical styles.
Electronics: The electronic configuration include active or passive circuitry, providing options for tone shaping and control over the instrument’s sound. This allows players to adjust bass, mid, and treble frequencies to their preference.
Hardware: The hardware components such as tuners, bridge, and knobs are of high quality, ensuring stable tuning and reliable performance during gigs or lessons.
Design: The design of the Barros 5-string bass guitar is sleek and ergonomic, providing comfort during long playing sessions. It may feature stylish finishes and aesthetic details, enhancing its visual appeal.
Sound: The sound of the Barros 5-string bass guitar is characterized by deep, rich lows from the extended range of the low B string, along with clear and articulate midrange and highs. It’s capable of producing a wide variety of tones, from warm and mellow to punchy and aggressive, making it suitable for diverse musical genres such as rock, jazz, funk, and metal.
Overall, the Barros 5-string bass guitar is a versatile and reliable instrument designed to meet the demands of professional musicians and serious enthusiasts, offering a combination of quality craftsmanship, excellent tone, and playability. Balanced, comfortable body styling with sculpted front and back, improved access neck joint.


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